DUI Bail Bonds in Las Vegas

DUI bail bonds in Las Vegas are truly the best approach when it comes to bailing a loved one out of jail due to a Driving Under the Influence. DUI is the commonly referred to term for that type of arrest, and eBAIL comes second to none in the Las Vegas DUI bail bonds business.

What is a DUI?

If you are caught driving under the influence, you will be arrested and taken to jail. Once you are detained in one of the local jails you will need to wait for a preliminary hearing. You cannot leave jail until you have your preliminary hearing with a judge. At that hearing, the judge will set a specific bail amount, which is essentially a guarantee that the person accused of DUI will return to court for their trial.

What are DUI Bail Bonds in Las Vegas?

It’s not possible to leave jail until either a cash bond or bail bond (surety bond) is paid. DUI bail bonds are a common resource and most people turn to the services of a Las Vegas bail bondsman in order to pay their bail. This is where eBAIL Las Vegas bail bonds steps in. Although bail bonds in Las Vegas are commonplace with DUIs, eBAIL is the expert in handling the process from start to finish.

In Las Vegas, most people need the expertise and assistance of a Las Vegas bail bondsman, because most cannot afford the entire amount of bail. Marc Gabriel, the owner of eBAIL Las Vegas bail bonds, understands the process better than anyone else and is available to help anyone with DUI bail bonds in Las Vegas.

How to Get Released from Jail:

There are three ways to be released from jail in Las Vegas. The first is to pay the entire amount of the bail. Unfortunately, with most DUI bail bonds, that cost typically ranges in the thousands, which is out of most people’s affordability range. If you’re able to pay the full amount, you may get most of this amount of money back after your trial.

The second way to be released from jail is to pay 15% of the bail amount. This is by far the most common method used. You will not receive this money back after the trial, but the bail bondsman does all of the paperwork to get you of out jail as quickly as he or she can. The bondsman can answer your questions and help guide you through this stressful ordeal.

The final way to get out of jail after a DUI related arrest is to hire a criminal defense lawyer. The benefit of hiring a lawyer, assuming you can afford one, is the lawyer can reduce the bail amount, and in some cases, have it eliminated altogether. However, you would have to wait several days, or even weeks until the lawyer can see the judge to make these changes.

How Long Will Someone Wait in Jail?

The amount of time an individual accused of DUI must spend in jail varies greatly. Once the bail has been paid or the Las Vegas bail bondsman has been engaged, the process can take up to 16 hours. Please note, the process of completing DUI bail bonds is typically longer on weekends and holidays, or if there are problems within the jail itself.

Why Choose eBAIL?

Marc Gabriel is fully licensed and authorized to pay bail bonds in Las Vegas. eBAIL Las Vegas bail bonds offers peace of mind because they know exactly how to handle the process of bailing someone out of jail and will be there every step of the way to get your friend or family member out of jail as quickly as possible.

Felony Bail Bonds in Las Vegas

When you need Felony Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, call the experienced and qualified experts for help at eBAIL. Felony Bail Bonds allow you to pay a portion instead of the full bail amount. Your bail is the amount that the judge requires to be paid before you can be released from jail. In order to be released until your trial date, you’ll need to pay some amount of your Las Vegas Bail bonds and/ or hire an attorney. Felony bail bonds in Las Vegas are easily obtainable at eBAIL.

What are Felony Bail Bonds in Las Vegas?

Felony bail bonds in Las Vegas allow you to be released if you were arrested on felony charges. Felonies are more serious than misdemeanors and often result in jail or prison time. This is one of the reasons that bail for a felony is set at a high amount. eBAIL will provide you with a licensed, bonded and insured bail bondsman, ready to help you resolve your issue. Resolving your felony bail bonds are simpler than you may think. Felonies are treated as serious crimes and our well-trained team at eBAIL expedites the process as much as possible.

How to get released from Jail in Las Vegas

It’s very easy to get the best Las Vegas bail bondsman on your side. Paying the full amounts for your Felony Bail Bonds in Las Vegas is always an option. However, due to the way that court treats felonies, this amount can be upwards of thousands of dollars.

Another option available to you is to pay 15 percent of your Las Vegas bail bonds. Often times, many people choose this offer. eBAIL makes this option even easier for you by allowing you to set up a payment plan for the 15 percent if you’re not able to pay it all at once. Hiring a criminal defense attorney to reduce your bail is yet another option. However, you’ll be held in jail during this process which takes an undetermined amount of time.

How long does it take to be released from a Las Vegas jail?

The amount of time it takes for release can vary upon a number of factors. What mainly affects this is whether you decide to pay a percentage of your bail or hire an attorney. Unfortunately, if there are issues occurring in the jail, this can lengthen the amount of time you spend there. Take holidays into consideration as well. It can take six to 16 hours to be officially released from a Las Vegas jail.

Why choose eBAIL Bail Bonds for your Bonding Needs?

Working with Las Vegas bail bonds provider eBAIL may be the finest choice you make to help resolve your issue. By using our services, you can simply pay 15 percent of the bail amount or even a portion of that, as opposed to waiting days for your attorney to reduce bail. Hiring an attorney is no promise that your bail will be reduced or that you’ll be released any sooner as opposed to getting a Las Vegas bail bondsman.

Marc Gabriel, the owner of eBAIL and Las Vegas bail bondsman, has made it really easy for you to handle your bail bond conveniently online or by phone. By working with eBAIL you’re giving yourself and your loved one the ability to get released sooner with far less financial burden. eBAIL can help you reduce your time spent in jail from weeks to a matter of hours.