Las Vegas Jail Inmate

Las Vegas Jail Inmate and Enforcement Center
Las Vegas Jail Inmate and Enforcement Center

A Las Vegas Jail Inmate can be found through an inmate search to determine in which of the jails in Las Vegas that person is being held. There are four detention facilities that a person under arrest may be held in to await a hearing or a trial. The inmate search feature can help friends or family to locate a loved one and may provide information regarding the charges and set amount of bail. Those eligible for bail may be released once the bail amount has been paid at the appropriate location.


What is the Jail in Las Vegas?

The City of Las Vegas Detention Center is more commonly referred to as the city jail. When an individual has been arrested within the city limits for a misdemeanor offense, that person is typically taken to the city detention center. It is here that a person accused of a crime will wait for the appropriate hearings or trial. Some of those who are found guilty of a misdemeanor offense may serve out their sentences at the city detention facility as well.

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Where is the Jail in Las Vegas Located?

The city detention center is located at 3300 Stewart Avenue within the city limits.

What happens to an Inmate in the Las Vegas Jail?

After an arrest, the accused is taken to the detention center. The accused and the supporting paperwork provided by the arresting officer will be properly identified and checked for accuracy. If the accused individual has any possessions on his or her person, that properly will be taken, recorded, and safely secured until the person is released from the center. A health screening and fingerprints complete the booking process. After that, the accused will wait for an arraignment, for someone to post bail, a release without the need for bail or bond, or sentencing.

Las Vegas Jail Detention and Enforcement Van
Las Vegas Jail Detention and Enforcement Van

Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

If a loved one has been arrested and is being detained in a Las Vegas jail Inmate, friends or family may use a website devoted to an inmate search. By entering a person’s name, identification number, or a case number, the information will be provided on that individual if that person is being held in the facility providing the search. If a search does not yield results, interested parties may check at another jail in Las Vegas to try to locate that individual. However, it is important to note that a person may not appear on a Las Vegas jail inmate roster under special circumstances. This includes if that person is under 18 years of age, or if that person is being held under special safety concerns.

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How do I get an Inmate out of the Las Vegas Jail?

While it is possible for a friend, family member, or representative of the detainee to go to the appropriate location to pay the full amount of bail on behalf of the detainee, it is often easier to hire the services of a qualified, local bail bondsman. A bondsman understands the entire process that is involved in helping a person to get released from a detention center. The bondsman can help to locate the individual who is being held to determine in which specific facility that person is being held. After the bail hearing, the bondsman can find out the amount of bail that was set by the judge.

After a loved one or representative pays a small, set percentage of this amount to the bondsman, the bondsman will take care of the rest. The bondsman will pay the full amount of bail at the proper location in order to start the release process. While a bondsman can make the process of paying the bail quicker and easier, it may still take some time for the detainee to go through the release process as required by the specific jail that he or she is being held in. The release process does not begin until after bail has been paid, so the quicker that amount is paid, the sooner the release process can begin.

Entrance Gate C: Las Vegas Jail Inmate Inmate Search
Entrance Gate C: Las Vegas Jail Inmate Inmate Search

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